Environmental Commitment

Our engineers work to continually improve our current products and come up with new products and services that offer incremental environmental improvements for our customers. We know our customers are working to reduce their environmental footprint and we set the same standards for ourselves. Some of our initiatives include:

Reducing our customer’s carbon footprint

Our field service technicians recognized the costly effects that inefficient chemical make-down systems were having on our customer’s bottom line and sometimes on the environment. Our system optimization program has shown a way to reduce chemical consumption by up to 40% in one case study, which when implemented could result in significant annual savings in chemical costs for our client as well as potentially reducing 13,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over five years.

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Traditionally, Alberta oil and gas companies have used field welded tanks for their liquid and chemical storage, but STT, with our partners, developed a new coating for our bolted tanks to meet the demands of this industry. All of our tank parts are prepared and manufactured and coated in the factory which eliminates paint usage, excessive waste and deposit in the field. Our unique jacking installation system also eliminates the need for the heavy equipment on site. Our ability to install these tanks with a tight available space means less environmental footprint.

Reclamation Planning

While future reclamation efforts may be decades away, STT’s bolted steel tanks can be torn down and recycled. Compared to cement silos or even large field welded tanks this is a significant long term benefit of the modular approach.

STT Enviro Corp. was recently featured in a national commercial by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers highlighting our innovative work benefiting the oil and gas industry.